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Film & costume design student. Melbourne born and bred.
Desperately want to live in Paris.
Helena Bonham Carter is my favourite person in the whole world. Full stop.
Qu'est-ce que je peux dire aussi?
I love tea, Sherlock, movies, travel, photography, Doctor Who and fashion. 90s child.
Can never be bothered to paint nail polish on my right hand because it always looks crap.
Et c'est qui je suis :)

If you love this blog…. then hat’s off to you. I haven’t posted anything for eight months and I feel kinda bad about it. Loooong story but I sort of lost interest in my account, plus…. basically, my tumblr is a mess.
It’s been inactive for so long, and I’ve changed so much in that time that I want to start it from scratch. Fresh start for the win!

So if you like my tumblr, please follow me at an-australian-in-paris for more great stuff and general musings on stupid stuff :D

Also, if you’ve actually read the Song of Ice and Fire books, we should be besties because NO ONE I KNOW HAS READ THE BOOKS and sitting on the spoilers is driving me crazy!

Mucho love and stuff, and hopefully see some of you on my new blog.
Here’s to a new start!